Often times we end up spending our days wrestling with seeming urgent tasks only to experience small gains, and small losses but lacking direction from our deeper PURPOSE.  This type of consulting isn’t building business strategy with the small mind. What this work sets out to do is to get you aligned with your true NORTH and get you on track for massive and enduring success.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level but feel like you keep getting in your own way?
Are you tired of repeating patterns and see yourself using habituated ways of approaching opportunities and problems?
Do you feel like you keep stepping into your power then end up with insurmountable setbacks?

Who is it for:
Whether you need help with a marketing strategy, a new business concept, or help changing your beliefs – Megan helps entrepreneurs align with their true north.

What to expect:
To establish lasting results you need a plan that makes sense for who you are and where you’re at. This is not a one size fits all strategy, you will be guided to perform the next best step FOR YOU. And you will have clear steps to get you there. Clients will leave knowing their Vision, Goals, Mission, and will have a plan to bring the work into the world.

Who am I: 
I am so blessed to be able to offer my work to you. I feel uniquely equipped for this work, after spending the past 8 years doing marketing consulting, and giving clarity, direction and strategy to entrepreneurs and small business owners. This work is what ignites my soul to no end. Being able to give those in my world the advice they need has proven so important to the companies and businesses I’ve helped.