Friday, April 25th 2014

How To Begin Social Media


Just getting started with your social media presence? Wonderful – don’t wait another moment. Here are a few tools to help you along your journey. Please share and comment.

1. The first step is to figure out which platforms your desired clients, customers or audience are on. Only choose a few. You’re better off focussing on a couple rather than having a bunch of undeveloped and unmanned accounts.


2. Decide what tone or style you want to have. Are you going to be playful and edgy, or charming and distinguished?  Remember this online stuff is all about personality and being human. We’re in a new era of communication, if you play it safe and err on the side of safety you wont see returns like the trailblazers do. Just a warning.

3. Create a “what if” list or contingency plan. What will you do if you get a bad or negative review? What will your boss do if your Facebook account gets hacked? There’s only one thing to do: respond promptly and with elegance. And don’t get in a tizzy about a negative review. This game is based on two way communication and if someone is just bashing you, readers can pick up on that right away. I suggest letting the team know you’re responsible for keeping an eye on your brand reputation, and then keep an eye on it. A great place to monitor your brand is on Addictomatic and Google Alerts.

4. Content creation is a must. Search Engines are becoming social. To show that you’re an authority you must be sharing quality content that answers a question or fulfills a need. Create a content strategy from what already lives within the four walls of the company, coupled with the information you’ve garnered from your analytics, keywords and industry research on what’s being searched.

5. Once you’ve chosen a few avenues to promote on you’ll want to cross pollinate across them. Promote chosen social sites on your website with a link, place social icons with links on your Email Newsletter, put social icons on the business cards. And why not ask people who walk in the door to sign up to Facebook to win something like a t-shirt?

6. HootSuite or TweetDeck are great places to aggregate all of your channels. I love that you can schedule posts,  a great thing if you keep off hours. If you do use this be sure to write each post for the specific channel it’s going out to. In other words, craft your tweets for Twitter – harnessing the power of the hash tag, RT, or DM. Facebook is a great place to tag a location, or a person. For a break down of what different social sites are for check this out:

7. Go to to shorten your links. Long links are homely and inconvenient.  You can also track clicks, this is very important. You want to keep an eye on what headlines or images worked.

8. People are often fascinated with how I organize my files. I keep one spreadsheet either on Google Docs or within Excell for each client. It includes a line item for each account, with user name, password and any pertinent notes. This may seem redundant but if one account is a little different it will save you tons of time in the long run. After doing this for year, I  have no patience for password issues.

Now jump in and enjoy!


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