Transformation That Inspires Lasting Change

Megan doesn’t just give a talk – she delivers high impact, custom experiences that inspire transformation in the audience. She does this with wisdom and authentic communication.

The Numbers Tell The Story


Outcomes and Benefits

When we invest in our people, our people invest in us.
  • Build Cohesive Shared Vision
    • Organizations see 20% higher performance when their employees are happy. — The Enthusiastic Employee
  • Initiate Organic Team Building
    • Actively disengaged employees cost the U.S. $450 to $550 billion each year in lost productivity. — Gallup
  • Grow Company Appreciation and Engagement
    • 79% of employers believe they have a significant engagement problem. — Deloitte University Study
  • Secure Talent
    • Employee replacement costs can reach as high as 50% to 60% of an employee’s annual salary. — Society for Human Resource Management
  • Improve Company Participation 
    • Companies that implement an effective wellness program experience 26% reduced health costs, 30% reduced workers’ compensation and disability claims, 28% less sick days.  — Health Affairs

Inspiring Leaders from Within

Talks are tailored to the audience
  • Everyday Mindfulness  
    • Self-Awareness Techniques
    • Authentic Communication Skills
    • Managing Stress
  • Elevating Happiness at Work
    • Science of Emotion
    • Mindset Training
    • Creating a Culture of Happiness
  • Emotional Intelligence in Action
    • Finding your Voice
    • Dealing with Difficulty
    • Defining Core Values

The Harvard Business Review and Steelcase partnered in a study to evaluate engagement at work.

The study found that only 7% of staff members are satisfied at a core level, 59% found no core needs being met while at work. Employees seek company culture that aligns with their core values to feel truly engaged during the work hours.

  • Physical: Staff who took breaks saw a 40% increase in creativity.
  • Emotional: Feeling satisfaction with one’s job is associated with 125% greater engagement.
  • Mental: The highest level of focus on the job is associated with 29% greater engagement.
  • Spiritual: Those who draw a higher level of meaning from work experience 93% greater engagement.